Commercial Photo Gallery

Picture of ducts at a school

Duct/HVAC Cleaning - Hill City School Gymnasium

When cleaning those hard to reach places ends up being 25+ feet in the air, call SERVPRO of Rapid City! SERVPRO of Rapid City went to great "heights" to clean the dust & dirt out of the air duct system at the Hill City School gymnasium. We also included the cleaning of the HVAC unit above the art room to provide clean air to the students and staff. As you can see in the photo, the before and after of the duct system was substantial.  

Give SERVPRO of Rapid City a call at 605-388-3000 for a free Duct/HVAC cleaning estimate on your home, office, or school!

Picture of condinsation on widow

Make sure your widows are sealed.

This customer had a leak coming through their window. Over time the moisture seeped into the walls and caused mold. The reason is that a leaky window will ultimately cause mold. Moisture or dampness is the perfect condition for mold to grow. When you look at leaky windows and frames, you are most likely to see black spots, discoloration, and fuzzy growths, being wet or moist. SERVPRO of Rapid City does not do window work but they were able to mitigate the mold beneath the window. This consisted of removing the damaged dray wall, then drying out the framing and applying an antimicrobial to the surrounding surfaces.

Picture of a water spicket that was left on at a business

Make sure the water is turned off.

Customer called to tell us that the cleaning crew had left a faucet turned slightly on over the weekend. They had this issue before and wanted us to help them again. They believe the loss is close to the same degree as last time. Walls and flooring are likely affected. We went out to the customer and dried the floor and the walls as requested. Please make sure that as you leave your business for the weekend that you have turned off all water sources in your space. If there does seem to be some water damage, please call SERVPRO of Rapid City and we will be out to help as soon as possible. 605-388-3000

picture of chemicals used for commerical cleaning.

SERVPRO Chemicals

SERVPRO of Rapid City has the chemicals for any cleaning job. We do the janitorial work for many businesses in the Rapid City area. Call SERVPRO today for a quote.

air mover for large ares of under carpets

large commercial air mover or under carpets

SERVPRO of Rapid City use these to move air in large commercial areas and to dry sealings, we also use these to dry carpet without removing it from a space.

Picture of an air mover

Air Mover

This is used to move the air after a water loss. In the event of a large commercial loss SERVPRO of Rapid City has 200+ of these to be able to handle this loss.