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Recovering After a Storm in the Rapid City Area | SERVPRO of Rapid City

9/18/2023 (Permalink)

Dramatic night shot of a home with visible roof damage from a recently storm and fallen debris Summer storms affecting your property? Call SERVPRO of Rapid City to restore your space in no time!

Preparing for storms is one thing, but dealing with the aftermath of unexpected damage is entirely different! One strong thunderstorm has the potential to blow in and cause significant damage to your home and property. Summer in the Rapid City area can bring storms in quickly as they roll across the central plains and bring along heavy rain, wind and hail. We usually get a handful of tornado touchdowns every year, so staying vigilant is key.

Staying safe when poor weather is forecast should always be your top priority. Get your family and yourself into your safe sheltering location and stay there until the threat has passed.

Once the coast is clear and you can find your way out, follow our guidelines below for assessing the damage and for figuring out what to do next.

Immediately Following a Storm

Storms can be unpredictable or come in waves in our area, so stay connected to local authorities even after the worst of it has passed. Hail, lightning and another round of storms may be on the horizon. If you do exit your sheltering location, be sure it is ready to use again at a moment’s notice.

Connecting with your loved ones after a storm is always a good idea. While it may not be possible to call each other at the moment, a simple text can help put everyone at ease.

Once you are sure it is safe to be outside, go check on your neighbors. Storms can sometimes have a very specific path and, while your home may have fared OK, your neighbor’s may not have.

You should also take photos of any damage you discover. Fresh images right after the weather event helps us form our recovery plan, but they also help make the claims process with your insurance company much smoother.

As the Hours Pass

Be extremely cautious as you walk about your property. Loose nails, floorboards or other home damage may not be immediately noticeable and can be a danger to you as you are assessing the damage. Keep your phone with you as you walk around just in case you run into any issues.

If your home has been significantly damaged and it is still drizzling or steadily raining, use some tarps to cover your belongings or hang some wooden boards from your windows. We will do this when we arrive, but do what you can to protect your things while you wait for us to get there.

SERVPRO® of Rapid City works directly with your insurance company to ensure the claims process is completed correctly, and we can even discuss alternative locations for you to stay if your restoration is significant enough to need to displace you for a few days.

We know that suffering home damage can be really stressful in the summer season, but we are here to help make your recovery as smooth as possible. Call us day or night for a complete restoration.

If a storm leaves your home damaged, contact us for fast recovery. We’re here 247 when you need us.

Top Tips for Protecting Your Home From Heavy Rain | SERVPRO of Rapid City

9/18/2023 (Permalink)

image of a large body of water during a rain storm with ripples caused by the heavy downpour Water damage in your home? Not for long with SERVPRO of Rapid City on the case!

We can all appreciate a soft and gentle rainfall during the hot summer months, especially when it has been dry and humid for the majority of the season. Our plants and lawns certainly appreciate it, too!

However, some rainstorms aren’t all that pleasant and can actually cause serious damage to our homes and properties. When rain starts to fall in heavy sheets, it can force its way into our homes and leak down our walls.

Our SERVPRO® of Rapid City team wants you to avoid water damage as much as possible, so we offer some tips below to avoid water damage when the rain starts to fall.

The Dangers of Intense Rain

If the rain falls fast enough, it can easily overwhelm our roads and drainage areas. We have already had our fair share of flood watches and warnings over the course of this season! Rain in the Rapid City area often precedes rumbling thunder, high winds and the occasional hail situation. If it turns into a flash flood, the fast-moving water can sweep away cars, lawn equipment and other yard debris with ease.

While we know that Mother Nature is not predictable, preparing for the possibility of storms now can help you jump into action quicker when they do appear. Keep a close eye on the local forecast and start to make plans as soon as a flash flood warning is issued or an intense rain is predicted.

Playing It Safe

Getting your home and family ready for severe weather should always be your first goal. If you are out and about when the warning is issued, head home on reliable roads and avoid any routes that often flood or become hazardous when it rains. Tidy up your yard and pull as much as you can into your garage or home to protect your belongings from being swept away. You should also tie down anything large that can’t come inside, like lawn furniture and propane tanks.

If your home is prone to flooding, it can be helpful to move anything fragile or soft out of the lowest level of your home and consider shutting off the electricity to that space for the time-being. If water does start to flow in, stay calm and avoid walking through it. Pick up the phone and call us as soon as the water stops rushing in.

Steps to Take Afterward

Even if you do your best to avoid water damage, it can still happen at any time. Each time is a learning opportunity, however!

If you know that your basement often floods during storms, consider getting your property professionally graded. Moving earth around strategically can help water flow down and away from your home instead of backward into your foundation.

Another reliable investment is a sump pump for your basement. A sump pump kicks on when it detects excess water in the ground and it works to pull that water away from your home and pump it back up to the surface.

Keep in mind that water damage may be frustrating, but it can be fixed! Our water damage restoration team will dry up any standing water and repair anything that was damaged quickly and efficiently.

We are here for all of your water disasters. Contact us day or night for a quick recovery.

Staying Safe During Fall Bonfire Season | SERVPRO of Rapid City

9/18/2023 (Permalink)

campfire-style fire pit with flames emerging from the top of the logs on the dark green grass Bonfire season is upon us! SERVPRO of Rapid City has your back with these helpful fire safety tips.

The fall season is upon us once more, and we sure aren’t complaining. Who doesn’t love the crinkling leaves, the beautiful colors and the cooler weather? We also love the coziness that a fall bonfire brings to the season.

Fall bonfires may be relaxing and offer warmth when the sun goes down, but they can still be dangerous if they are not treated with respect.

Our SERVPRO® of Rapid City team explains more about outdoor fire safety during this time of year so everyone can stay safe and enjoy the flames in peace.

Starting a Fire Safely

Do make sure your location is secure before even lighting the flames. Most permanent bonfire pits can’t be easily moved, but you can still make sure any brush or log piles are far away from the pit.

Do keep a water source close by for emergencies. A garden hose or a bucket full of water can easily be used if your fire gets too large or out of hand. If you are camping or don’t have easy access to water, keep a shovel nearby so you can shovel dirt or sand onto the flames to extinguish them that way.

Do watch for any burn bans or changing weather conditions. Windy days or dry conditions can make it riskier to start an outdoor fire, so check with local authorities before getting out your matches.

Tips for Controlling the Flames

Don’t rely on any sort of accelerant to keep your flames going. Only use lighters, matches and tinder to light and maintain your fire. Gas and lighter fluid are unpredictable and can start an out-of-control blaze in seconds.

Don’t let kids or pets anywhere near the flames unattended. Accidents happen quickly and curious kids can lead to serious situations in seconds.

Don’t let your fire grow too large. It can be easy to just toss leaves, twigs and logs on the fire whenever you want, but a large fire is harder to control. Keep it small to keep it safe.

Don’t go inside until you are sure your flames and embers are completely extinguished. Pour your bucket over the flames or hose them down until they are out and the logs are cold to the touch.

Wildfire Safety Tips

Wildfires can happen naturally if the ground is dry and the conditions are right, but most wildfires are actually started by humans due to error or negligence. Maintain your fire by keeping it small and staying close to the flames.

While you can prepare and prevent as much as possible, unexpected situations can occur and fire damage can happen. Call SERVPRO for an immediate fire damage restoration.

Fire can cause a lot of damage in a short amount of time. Contact us day or night for immediate assistance.

Addressing Water Damage Quickly | SERVPRO of Rapid City

8/15/2023 (Permalink)

Pool of water sitting on top of a herringbone patterned wood floor with furniture nearby If you discover water damage in your home or business, call SERVPRO of Rapid City right away.

Take a moment to think about all of the ways that you use and rely on water around your household. It definitely is a huge part of your day and oftentimes you don’t even think twice about it!

That daily use also means that there is the chance of experiencing water damage all over your home. A flooded basement due to a broken water heater or a soft wall caused by a broken bathroom water line can be really frustrating and cause extensive damages.

Of course, Mother Nature also contributes to the risk of water damage. A heavy rain could cause standing water to pool in your basement or a tree could fall and damage your roof, causing a significant water leak. At this point in the year in Rapid City, strong storms could pop up at any moment.

Preventing water damage altogether is always the goal, but that is not necessarily possible for every situation. Our SERVPRO® of Rapid City team explains more about how to handle water damage and how we can help after the fact.

Stopping the Flow of Water

Time is of the essence when it comes to water damage. This is because water is notorious for leaking and seeping through spaces rather quickly. Water can get under your floorboards and behind your walls minutes after the leak began.

Find the source of the leak quickly and do whatever is needed to stop the flow of water. If the water leak is due to a broken pipe or connection, shut off the water valve that controls that specific pipe. If the leak is caused by roof damage during a storm, you may just have to set a bucket out to catch the water until the storm ends and you can evaluate the situation.

Remember, if you come upon standing water in your home, try not to walk through it. Electrical wires and electricity throughout your house could have made the water dangerous to walk through.

Once the water has been controlled in some capacity, pick up the phone and give us a call. We are here 247 to respond to calls exactly like this, and we will take control right away.

Our Water Damage Restoration Process

Our team will jump into action during our first phone call with you. The first few steps involve a discussion about the situation, your home and the specific leak. While we are chatting, snap a few photos of the damage. Having images of the initial impact of the water will help make your claims process much smoother.

We get right to work when we arrive at your home by pulling out our industry-leading drying equipment and setting up air movers to start drying up the excess water. We also focus our attention on saving your possessions from further damage. Once your space is dry, we will sanitize and deodorize to make sure your home is returned to its preloss condition.

Now that the water is gone, the reconstruction phase can begin! We are trained to handle whatever reconstruction needs you have, whether it be minor repairs to a few floorboards or entire rebuilds of rooms or sections of your home.

We know all about the destructive power of water, so that’s why we want you to call us as soon as you discover or come upon a water disaster at your home. SERVPRO of Rapid City is here for you whenever you need us to dry out and repair your home!

Do you have water damage in your home? Call us for fast and complete restoration.

Firing Up Your Barbecue Grill Without Starting a House Fire | SERVPRO of Rapid City

8/10/2023 (Permalink)

Man holding tongs above grill preparing food outdoors Have you had a barbeque gone wrong? Call SERVPRO of Rapid City to get your space back in shape.

We are in the heart of the summer season here in Rapid City, and we sure are enjoying it. The summer season is special in the Midwest with all of the sunny days, warm breezes and time spent outside with family and friends.

Who doesn’t love digging out their aprons and grill brushes to kickstart a backyard barbecue with hot dogs and burgers? While grilling may be a summertime favorite, grill fires are also at their peak at this point in the year.

Improper use of a charcoal or propane grill can quickly lead to a dangerous fire situation. Our SERVPRO® of Rapid City team wants you to enjoy your grilled food in a safe environment, so read on to learn more about reducing your risk of a fire.

Setting Up Your Workspace

As you dig out your grills from the garage or under the deck, be sure to set them up outside. While it may seem obvious that grills don’t belong in your kitchen, that also includes keeping them out of your garage or under an overhang. Your grill needs to properly vent and anything combustible above the heat and flames could easily catch on fire.

It should also be far away from your house and siding. Try to keep it at least 10 feet away from anything combustible, like your garage wall or wooden railing along your deck. This area should also be considered a kid-free and pet-free zone and that should be communicated to everyone in your party.

If your grilling method of choice is a charcoal grill, clean out ash buildup before each use and check the drum for dents or cracks. If you prefer propane grills, check the gas line for leaks and make sure each end has a secure connection. A leaky line on a propane tank is a huge safety hazard and could put everyone on your guest list in danger.

Controlling the Grill

Once your grill is warm and ready for your meal, don’t leave it unattended for any reason, and keep a water source nearby just in case of an emergency. A spray bottle can help knock down any quick flare-ups when grease drips and your hose or fire extinguisher should be on standby.

Once your food is crispy, delicious and done, hand off the plate to someone to serve so you can focus on shutting everything down properly. Turn off the gas and shut off your burners, or close the vents on the lid of your charcoal grill to stop the flow of oxygen to the flames. Once the ash and embers have cooled, move them to a metal can to prevent anything from reigniting. Before you head inside for the evening, check on your grill once more to make sure everything is cool to the touch.

We hope you have a fabulous rest of your summer season! Remember that SERVPRO of Rapid City is always here in case any sort of fire accident occurs and you are left with home damage.

Don’t let fire damage linger in your home. Call us at SERVPRO of Rapid City for a fast restoration.

Tackling Your Storm Prep for the Summer Season | SERVPRO of Rapid City

7/19/2023 (Permalink)

Empty parking lot with lots of greenery shown during a heavy downpour of rain. Have you been impacted by the unusual summer storm season? SERVPRO of Rapid City has your back when you experience flood and water damage.

Rain, hail, wind, floods and the threat of tornadoes are all just a common part of the summer season. While the different weather threats can vary in severity, it is still crucial to prepare for whatever could come our way.

In addition to maintaining your home with daily cleaning and tasks, you also need to take steps to protect your home from the possibility of damages when a storm comes to town.

The summer season can bring strong thunderstorms with hail and high wind, and tornado conditions can appear quickly without much warning. This is why being ready in advance is always recommended in the Rapid City community.

When you start planning how to approach your preparation, consider starting outside. Check out our tips below to help prepare your home and yard to weather the summer storms this year.

Taking Care of Your Home

Even though preparing for the possibility of storms may seem overwhelming, what you are already probably doing on a regular basis counts as storm preparation! These tasks can be worked into your routine chore list so your home can remain functional and damage-free.

Strong winds can accompany storms at any point, so having your trees always trimmed can help reduce the amount of falling branches. You should also inspect your trees for dead limbs, and pick up any yard debris and dispose of it quickly. Heavy rain is also a classic part of a summer storm, so get onto your roof regularly to clean out your gutters. Leaves and other debris can block your gutters and cause water to pool on your roof that could eventually leak down your walls.

You should also take the time to inspect your home’s exterior before and after any storm. Maintaining caulking around your windows and doors can help stop water leaks and quickly replacing any broken or missing shingles can help keep your attic dry.

Home Upgrades to Invest In

Preparing for storms thankfully doesn’t cost much money and can be done rather quickly. However, there are a few things you can consider investing in that will take your home’s protection to the next level.

Storm shutters are an easy way to add a layer of protection to your home. Once installed, they can simply be pulled over your window to protect them from breaking. If your property has a lot of trees, investing in gutter guards can help reduce the number of times you have to get on your roof to clean out leaves and other debris.

Any additional sheds or outbuildings on your property are also at risk of damage, so adding bracing or reinforcements to the walls or roof can help protect them from damage during high winds.

Once your home is ready, be sure you have your storm alert systems ready to work, and listen to all watches and warnings that are issued. If your home is still damaged in a storm after all of your preparations, you can rely on SERVPRO of Rapid City to restore your home quickly.

Was your home damaged in a storm? Call us at SERVPRO of Rapid City to start restoration, 247.

Arming Your Team With Storm Safety Information | SERVPRO of Rapid City

7/14/2023 (Permalink)

Business man holding an umbrella and briefcase with a dark thunderstorm behind him. If your home or business was damaged in a storm, call SERVPRO of Rapid City to get you back in action.

You rely on your team to help make your business successful, so supporting them should be one of your main goals as a business owner. Preparing your staff in the event of an emergency can help ensure their safety in any situation.

Extreme weather is one instance that can create chaos relatively quickly, so training your staff in the proper response to each situation can help everyone react quickly and calmly.

Use our tips below to help bolster your staff’s confidence when a true weather emergency arrives.

The Risks in Rapid City

We experience all kinds of weather in the Rapid City area. We have seen the snowiest winters, the strongest thunderstorms and everything in between. Because of this, having a plan tailored to each season can help you respond quicker in the event of a snowstorm, tornado or heavy rain event.

In addition, understanding your flood risk for your building is one easy way to stay prepared. If you know whether your building is in a flood zone, you can prepare your lowest levels now and consider purchasing flood insurance. Stay tuned into local weather reports and understand the weekly forecast.

Communicating With Your Team

Communicating with your team has never been easier! Our access to technology allows us to text, call or email our team members at any point. This is especially helpful when you need to communicate something quickly to everyone on your staff.

Update your contacts with everyone’s most recent information, and consider creating a group chat or group email chain so that way you can alert everyone to a developing situation with the click of a button. This can include sending out information for weather alerts, evacuation routes and safe shelter information.

Planning Your Evacuation or Sheltering Location

In certain situations, your team may need to evacuate quickly ahead of an impending weather disaster. In order to assure your team exits calmly and in an organized manner, they need to know where all of the exits are and how to get out quickly. Highlight the evacuation routes during your building tours and be sure the exits are clearly marked.

In some instances, though, staying inside is the smartest choice! Get your safe shelter location ready now by placing food, water and emergency supplies there, and be sure that every route to this location is clear of obstacles and is easily accessible.

No matter what situation occurs, practicing your emergency response with your team will help build their confidence and ensure that they stay safe during any type of severe weather event.

Don’t let extreme weather take control! If storms strike your business, SERVPRO® can help you restore your losses.

Introducing Fire Safety to Your Kids in a Fun Way | SERVPRO® of Rapid City

6/10/2023 (Permalink)

img src =”storm” alt = "dense forest area with trees bending due to intense wind and rain ” > If you've suffered from storm-related damage to your home or business, make Rapid City your first call.

Having children is a lot of work, but it sure is rewarding! Each day is filled with learning, creativity and fun as you help them grow and experience the world around them. One job that is crucially important is to keep them safe and to help prevent dangerous situations from occurring around them.

One really important topic to talk to your kids about is fire safety. House fires can have disastrous consequences and can be really scary for your little ones to think about.

By changing up how you approach fire safety, you can instill some safety practices in your child’s mind without scaring them with the possibilities.

Show How Fire Starts

Many kids have trouble understanding cause and effect until it is happening in front of them. This is why it can be hard to explain fire! An easy way to introduce the concept of fire to your kids is to walk around your home and find all of the places that fire can start, including your stove, candles and bonfire pit out back.

Discuss how fire starts, and show them the matches and lighters that you use. This is also a good opportunity to explain that these tools are only for adults and should never be played with. A single match in the hands of a curious child can lead to disastrous consequences.

Introduce Them to Firefighters

It is quite common for little kids to want to grow up and become firefighters or police officers, but it’s also common for your children to be wary of these men and women when they are in full uniform. Exposing your kids to pictures, books and shows about them can help reinforce the idea of friendly heroes. It is also a good idea to attend local meet-and-greet events so your children can see a firefighter and their gear in person.

In the event of a fire, these people will be the ones to show up to your home, and a friendly face can make all the difference! It is also important to teach your children how to call for help. You can make this part fun and have your kids practice yelling their name as loudly as they can from their rooms, and time them to see how long it takes to army crawl down the hall.

Creating an Escape Plan

Your children need to know how to get out of any room in your home, so create an emergency exit plan if you haven’t already. Let them lead this and have them go from room to room to find all of the ways out.

You can even make it a game to see how long it takes them to figure it out! Once each room is done, put it into a diagram of your whole house.

In addition, you should explain how to open each window in your home. In the event of a true emergency, your children need to know this important information! Just be sure to reinforce the idea that windows are never toys and should never be used for fun.

Once you have it all together, practice as a family twice a year and end by meeting at your outdoor meeting location. Challenging your kids in a fun and engaging way can help them respond quicker and more confidently in the event of a true house fire.

Fires can cause widespread damage. Call us for a thorough and efficient restoration.

Protect Your Home as the Wind Blows | SERVPRO® of Rapid City

6/5/2023 (Permalink)

img src =”storm” alt = "dense forest area with trees bending due to intense wind and rain ” > If you've suffered from storm-related damage to your home or business, make Rapid City your first call.

We all can appreciate the wind from time to time. Some days, we welcome the gentle breeze or appreciate when the wind blows those beautiful fluffy clouds in our direction. Not all wind gusts are welcomed, however.

When the wind picks up alongside a thunderstorm or even worse, a tornado, it can be dangerous and even a deadly situation. Damaging wind can blow even when there is no severe weather occurring at all!

By having a better understanding about the different wind patterns that occur around the Rapid City area, you can better protect your family and home.

Types of Wind, Explained

Wind can come in all shapes and sizes, but the wind that causes damage usually comes from thunderstorms and tornadoes. Whenever a severe weather alert is issued for our area, don’t ignore it!

Along with lightning and rumbling thunder, wind accompanies thunderstorms as the clouds blow through. Thunderstorm wind can reach up to 60 miles per hour, which can pick up debris easily and toss it around your yard or against your house.

Next up is straight-line winds! Straight-line winds refer to any type of wind that doesn’t have rotation in it. These powerful bursts can get up to 100 miles per hour and cause widespread destruction.

Experiencing a tornado is always a scary and stressful situation. That’s because tornadoes can contain and produce many kinds of wind, like straight-line wind, downdrafts and powerful bursts called micro- and macro-bursts. Any of these types of wind have the potential to cause extreme damage.

We all know that Rapid City is a particularly windy city! That is due to the air coming down from the Hills and picking up speed across the flat landscape. We are particularly vulnerable to damaging winds when a storm races toward us, so make sure to heed all warnings and stay inside to best protect yourself.

How to Protect Your House

Wind damage can occur all around town, including damaged power lines and fallen trees, and it can also impact your property in a big way. If the wind blows hard enough, it can topple mobile homes, overturn cars and throw heavy debris into your siding.

In order to stay safe and informed during severe weather, it is important to understand the different weather alerts regarding high winds. Once you are alerted to an incoming storm, start securing loose objects like trash cans, porch chairs and benches and bring whatever you are able to inside your home or garage.

Pick up fallen branches and limbs and try to keep your trees trimmed and maintained throughout the year. Branches can easily become a projectile at the right wind speed.

Once your home and property are ready, head inside and keep your family away from the windows. If you have storm shutters, consider closing them to give yourself an added layer of protection.

Once the storm is gone and the threat has passed, take a walk around your property to look for damage. Pay attention to your roof especially, as one missing shingle is all it takes for water damage to occur in your attic. If you do find damage, make SERVPRO of Rapid City your first phone call. We will get your home back together fast.

Has your home been damaged by wind? Call us and get things cleaned up fast.

Tracking Down Water Damage in Your Home | SERVPRO® of Rapid City

5/9/2023 (Permalink)

blue bucket in the middle of the living area catching water falling from the ceiling Think you may have water damage in your home? Here are some tips from SERVPRO of Rapid City to find the source.

One of the most frustrating things about water damage is that it can occur without much warning. Oftentimes, it can spread and create a major problem before it is even discovered by someone in your house.

Knowing where to look for water damage can help you identify a problem before it gets to that point. By being proactive and checking your home often, you can help save yourself time and money.

Our SERVPRO of Rapid City team wants you to check these spots around your home often for signs of water damage.

Your rooftop. Our roofs protect our entire home on a daily basis, but they are often forgotten about when it comes to home maintenance. If you have a water leak somewhere along your roofline, chances are you won’t immediately notice right away.

A tiny leak might be hard to spot right away, but the longer it goes unaddressed, the more damage and chaos it can cause in your attic and along your entire roofline.

Another frustrating thing about water leaks is that they drip! Water can seep into your walls and into your floors, which can be really hard to clean up on your own. Over time, a hidden leak can encourage mold growth, which is a whole other problem to deal with on top of the water damage.

Your bathrooms. This one is probably not surprising. With all of the different fixtures that use water on a daily basis in your bathrooms, it is so easy for something to leak or malfunction and cause water damage.

As soon as you notice a puddle of water that doesn’t have an explanation or you see a dripping pipe anywhere in your bathroom, it’s time to investigate further. Even just an increase in bathroom moisture can indicate a problem.

Inspecting your plumbing on the regular is a good way to catch issues or notice that a pipe fighting or seal is wearing away. You might even stop a problem before it starts!

Your appliances. We use many appliances in our homes every day to accomplish tasks, and many of them utilize water in order to function. When an appliance leaks, it can be particularly hard to notice because we often don’t just pull our appliances away from the wall for no reason.

You should get into the habit of checking for water damage beneath and behind them often! Try to do this every time that you deep-clean the rooms in your Rapid City home.

It is also a helpful idea to run your hand along your appliances on occasion to feel for moisture or slow drips. In addition, don’t let your appliances become dated. Old appliances can often become unreliable, and you deserve to have the most reliable equipment in your home.

Dealing with a water emergency? Our SERVPRO specialists can be on the scene of the disaster ASAP to restore your water-damaged home!