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Taking Control of Water Leaks at Work | SERVPRO of Rapid City

12/1/2023 (Permalink)

concrete floor tiling with large cracks and water on it Has water damage infiltrated your business? Give SERVPRO of Rapid City a call to get that resolved!

The last thing you want to worry about as a business owner is the possibility of suffering a disaster at work. Disasters are notorious for being unexpected, so you could very well be going about your day only to be surprised by something serious, like a burst water line or a leaky roof when it starts to rain.

Water damage can set in quickly in these situations, so acting fast and taking steps toward recovery right away can help you stay in control and avoid long-term damage.

We are here to help! Creating a recovery plan now can help you navigate uncertain situations like this with more confidence, allowing you to open back up for business faster without suffering too many setbacks.

What to Do First

Discovering unwanted water anywhere in your business can be a very unnerving experience. Even if you did everything right to prevent water disasters, they can still occur in the blink of an eye.

Stay calm and focus on these simple steps to help you get things cleaned up quickly:

1. Stay safe. Safety is key, especially when it comes to your employees and customers. Keep everyone out of the area, and assess the situation from dry ground. Call us right away so we can get started on gathering a team and the necessary supplies, and start taking photos of the damage you see.

2. Control the disaster. Taking control of the situation can prevent a problem from escalating, so locate the source of the water leak as quickly as you can and shut off the appropriate water valve. This will stop the flow of water so you can get your bearings and stop the water from making the situation worse.

3. Start the drying process. Floodwater can be really dangerous, as it can pick up storm runoff, dangerous chemicals and even sewage as it flows into your building and onto your floors. Avoid walking through the water and try to ventilate it as much as possible. Open some windows and set up some fans to start the drying process.

Working With Our Water Damage Restoration Team

We will get to work the moment we arrive at your property. We will quickly assess the situation, secure the location and get started on removing the excess water with our air movers and industrial drying equipment. Once dry, we will tackle necessary repairs right away.

We will also work directly with your insurance company to help make this process smoother as well. Your only focus needs to be on your safety and your employees’ well-being during this time.

Our team will work hard to be as efficient as possible so that you can still operate while we are working. We know that long-term closures can have a disastrous effect on businesses, so we work quickly so you can open back up faster.

We are here all day, every day for you and your business! Call us as soon as you discover standing water, and we will jump into action to take care of you and your damaged building.

Do you need repairs after a water disaster in your commercial building? Contact us to get dried out quickly.

Understanding How Home Damage Can Compound Over Time | SERVPRO of Rapid City

11/17/2023 (Permalink)

residentail home with roof destroyed and debris falling down If you discover damage in your residence, call SERVPRO of Rapid City right away.

Different weather threats or unexpected situations can often take us by surprise and leave our homes with significant damage. Fire, floods and even simple accidents like broken windows from an errant golf ball can be frustrating to deal with.

While these types of situations can happen at any point, we can’t spend all of our days worrying about the possibilities! Knowing what to expect and preparing for the different scenarios can help you avoid extensive damage.

SERVPRO® of Rapid City is proud to help our community recover from disaster! We explain some of the more common threats for our area and what we can do to help below.

The Different Weather Threats We Face

When the wind blows across the plains in the summertime, we can experience strong storms that come with damaging wind and heavy rain. In the winter, a single blizzard can knock out power for hours or lead to heavy snow that collapses roofs or causes other home disasters to occur.

The Midwest brings all kinds of challenges throughout the year! General home damage threats like house fires or flooded basements are also possible no matter what season we are in.

Water damage can occur quickly from a singular weather event, or it can happen slowly over a long period of time if your home experiences a malfunction like a leaky pipe or faulty water line. Fire can also occur due to natural causes, but it is much more likely to occur due to some sort of human accident or error.

When Damage Gets Worse

Most disaster situations are frustrating to deal with, and unfortunately, they can lead to other serious problems if the mess isn’t cleaned up right away. For example, water disasters will certainly soak your floors, walls and ceilings, but they can also lead to lingering moisture that sparks mold growth. Over time, that mold can affect your home’s structural integrity and impact your air quality.

Another example of compounding damage comes from house fires. A fire will rip through your home, leaving burned debris in its wake, but it can also lead to lingering soot and smoke all over your house. Water damage and damage from fire extinguisher chemicals also sometimes occur, leaving you with a serious mess on your hands.

No matter what occurred on your property, a fast and thorough recovery is always recommended. That’s what we are here for! We will help you overcome whatever disaster situation you are faced with quickly and efficiently.

If your home suffers a water disaster, we will first make sure your space is dried completely, including your soft materials and possessions. Then we will clean, sanitize and repair the area to bring it back to its preloss state and to prevent mold growth.

If you suffer a house fire, we can tackle the debris removal right away and then get started on removing soot and smoke odors from all over your home. In addition, we will tackle water damage repair alongside any structural repairs that need to occur.

We are trained to handle every part of your restoration no matter what, so you can rest assured that our team will take care of you every step of the way. Let SERVPRO of Rapid City help you recover after your next disaster.

Does your home need restoration and you don’t want to make more than one call? Contact us to get everything handled by one team.

Planning for Disasters to Reduce Damage at Your Business | SERVPRO of Rapid City

11/17/2023 (Permalink)

clip board with a disaster preparedness checklist and emergency supplies in the background Are you prepared for disaster? SERVPRO of Rapid City is here for you when disaster strikes!

Planning is the most reliable way to avoid damage at your business, and unfortunately, that concept is becoming more important as natural disasters continue to happen across the country. In fact, natural disasters have been steadily increasing over the last five years. They are also becoming stronger and are causing more extensive damage in their wake.

While statistics aren’t guarantees, they should cause you to think about the threats that could impact your business. Natural disasters are always a possibility, but so are manmade disasters. Either could come along at any time and cause significant damage to your property.

Staying ahead of these risks can help protect your bottom line and help keep your staff safe, and having a plan in place for each scenario is crucial.

Discussing the Importance of a Plan

The best offense is a good defense, and that is certainly true when it comes to natural disasters. Creating a reliable reaction plan for situations like fires, floods or severe weather can help keep your staff safe, but it can also reduce your risk of serious or catastrophic damage.

Natural or manmade disasters will cause all kinds of physical damage to your property, but they can also cause a strain on your business financially if you aren’t prepared for the possibility. That can lead to struggles with the future of your business as well as struggles with the livelihood of your staff.

Utilizing a recovery plan can help you open back up again for business faster as well. Some businesses will temporarily close while they figure out their recovery plan, but that also increases the risk that they will never reopen again.

How Our Emergency Ready Plan Can Help

SERVPRO® is proud to offer our restoration services to everyone in our community, but we are also in the business of helping our community avoid disaster altogether. That’s where our Emergency Ready Plan comes into play! It is a complete guide to help you navigate multiple different threats to your business. It will outline what to do, where to go and who to contact should an emergency situation arise.

We will start by assessing the different risks to your business and laying out plans for each. For example, if you are in a flood zone, we will create an extensive flood recovery plan that focuses on safety and insurance claims. If your business works with a lot of chemicals or heat, we take the time to explain your fire response and what to do if a chemical fire breaks out in your warehouse.

We focus a lot of our plans on the preparation ahead of certain disasters. We will outline preparation methods like preparing go-bags for your staff to grab as they are making their quick exits, plans on where to store important documentation to avoid damage during a disaster and things like where to store your fire extinguishers on each level.

Communication is also an important part of all emergency responses, so we take the time to discover a reliable chain of command for each scenario. If your employees know who is in charge of what during a disaster, the chances of them responding accurately and smoothly during a true emergency increase greatly.

Your Emergency Ready Plan will be the key to weathering any sort of disaster safely and smoothly. It will be your guide to prevent damage, navigate disasters and recover more efficiently. We are here for you for everything disaster-related for your business!

Ready to create your Emergency Ready Plan for your business? Contact us for your free assessment to start the plan you need.

Cook Your Holiday Creations in a Fire-Safe Way | SERVPRO of Rapid City

11/17/2023 (Permalink)

pan on kitchen counter in residence ablaze while unattended Fire damage in your home? Not for long with SERVPRO of Rapid City on the case!

The holidays are here, which means it’s time for family gatherings, gift exchanges and amazing homemade food. Whether you are hosting the parties and are in charge of making all the food or you are bringing your famous green bean casserole to the event, cooking will be involved in the process.

Practicing fire-safe cooking strategies is crucial at any point in the year, but especially when the holidays are here. Kitchen fires increase in the winter months, so practicing these strategies below will help you stay fire-free and in a jolly good mood.

Reduce Fire Fuel in the Kitchen

Before you even turn on your stove or preheat your oven, get your kitchen ready. Reduce clutter and prepare your space so you can move about freely. Excess clutter or flammable materials in your kitchen can quickly lead to accidents.

Things like pot holders, oven mitts, wooden utensils and holiday decorations can easily catch fire if left too close to the heat or flames and lead to a serious emergency.

You should also be cognizant of what you are wearing. Loose clothing or a decorative apron with long strings can be safety hazards that can easily go up in flames. Roll up your sleeves and keep your loose clothing to a minimum.

Watch Your Food Closely

No matter what stage of the cooking process you are in, don’t leave the kitchen. Even walking out for a few minutes to grab something can be enough time for a full blaze to start and spread. Grilling, frying, baking and boiling can be unpredictable, so stay near to stay in control.

If your family partakes in the tradition of deep-frying a turkey, extra precautions are necessary for your safety. Do not overfill the fryer with oil and choose a flat, non-flammable surface to set up your equipment.

You also need to plan ahead and take out your turkey to thaw enough days in advance so it is completely thawed. A partially frozen turkey can cause oil to spatter and pop when you submerge it.

Check on Your Protective Measures

We all know that preventing fires isn’t a total guarantee, so having protective measures in place is crucial to your safety. Every level of your home should have at least one smoke detector, and there should ideally be one right in your kitchen. Test them monthly to ensure the batteries are working.

You should also have a fire extinguisher designated to just your kitchen space. Choose an easily accessible location that anyone can get to, and check it annually to make sure it is not expired.

We hope you enjoy a wonderful season with your family and friends. Remember, we are here for you 247 if an accident occurs and you are left with fire damage. We will restore and repair your home as fast as possible so you can carry on with the celebrations ahead.

House fires can happen in the blink of an eye. Contact us for a quick restoration day or night!

The Power of Winter Storms in Western South Dakota | SERVPRO of Rapid City

11/17/2023 (Permalink)

snowy highway with vehicles driving in a squall The winter season is almost upon us! SERVPRO of Rapid City has your back with these helpful tips.

When the winter wind blows around here, it really blows! Strong winter storms are on the horizon for us already this season, so we need to be prepared for the subzero temperatures, blizzard conditions and slippery roads that are bound to be around soon enough.

In order to avoid serious damage and to stay safe while the snow falls, you have to prepare your home for the incoming weather! Check out our tips below to help you prepare before the first serious storm comes our way.

Preparing Your Home Inside

The road conditions can deteriorate quickly in the Rapid City area, which is why it is always recommended to avoid travel when a storm system is on its way. Sleet and heavy snow can make it difficult to travel, and wind can create drafts that could leave you stranded on the side of the road.

Start gathering your supplies and your emergency kit, and dig out your weather radio. Strong storms can knock out power for days, so having a reliable way to be alerted to changing conditions and community updates is crucial.

Include flashlights with extra batteries, a basic first-aid kit, blankets, and safe drinking water and food. You should also have an extra heating source or load up on firewood for your fireplace, just as a reliable backup in case the power is out for longer than you thought.

While you might prepare your home as best you can, you should also have a location in mind that you can travel to if your home simply becomes too cold to stay in. Pick a friend’s home, a public space like our local library or a predetermined warming center.

Addressing Conditions After the Storm

Use caution when walking around your home after a storm passes. Really deep snow, drifts and wind can make it hard to get around, and it can disorient you really quickly outside. Wait until the conditions improve before going outside to assess your home and start the cleanup process.

Grab your roof rake or a shovel and pull the snow off of the edges of your roof all around your home. This can help reduce your risk of ice dams forming and causing serious roof damage, but it can also take the weight off. Heavy, wet snow can weigh up to 20 pounds per cubic foot, which can add up over time and can even lead to a roof cave-in.

Drifts and blowing snow can also impact the vents around your home. Locate all of the vents leading from your home and clear them of snow and ice buildup. If any vent can’t work properly, carbon monoxide can’t escape safely and it could be dangerous or even deadly for your family.

How Our Storm Damage Restoration Works

If your home suffers damage due to the impact of a storm this season, give us a call right away. Heavy snow can damage parts of your home, ice can crack and bust pipes or other components and even strong wind can rip off shingles.

Our team will assess the situation, secure your home and get to work on repairs right way. Our goal is to restore your home as quickly as possible so you can get back to all of the wintery fun that this season has to bring.

Our team is always ready for anything! Contact us at SERVPRO of Rapid City for a quick restoration after suffering damage from a winter storm.

Recovering After a Storm in the Rapid City Area | SERVPRO of Rapid City

9/18/2023 (Permalink)

Dramatic night shot of a home with visible roof damage from a recently storm and fallen debris Summer storms affecting your property? Call SERVPRO of Rapid City to restore your space in no time!

Preparing for storms is one thing, but dealing with the aftermath of unexpected damage is entirely different! One strong thunderstorm has the potential to blow in and cause significant damage to your home and property. Summer in the Rapid City area can bring storms in quickly as they roll across the central plains and bring along heavy rain, wind and hail. We usually get a handful of tornado touchdowns every year, so staying vigilant is key.

Staying safe when poor weather is forecast should always be your top priority. Get your family and yourself into your safe sheltering location and stay there until the threat has passed.

Once the coast is clear and you can find your way out, follow our guidelines below for assessing the damage and for figuring out what to do next.

Immediately Following a Storm

Storms can be unpredictable or come in waves in our area, so stay connected to local authorities even after the worst of it has passed. Hail, lightning and another round of storms may be on the horizon. If you do exit your sheltering location, be sure it is ready to use again at a moment’s notice.

Connecting with your loved ones after a storm is always a good idea. While it may not be possible to call each other at the moment, a simple text can help put everyone at ease.

Once you are sure it is safe to be outside, go check on your neighbors. Storms can sometimes have a very specific path and, while your home may have fared OK, your neighbor’s may not have.

You should also take photos of any damage you discover. Fresh images right after the weather event helps us form our recovery plan, but they also help make the claims process with your insurance company much smoother.

As the Hours Pass

Be extremely cautious as you walk about your property. Loose nails, floorboards or other home damage may not be immediately noticeable and can be a danger to you as you are assessing the damage. Keep your phone with you as you walk around just in case you run into any issues.

If your home has been significantly damaged and it is still drizzling or steadily raining, use some tarps to cover your belongings or hang some wooden boards from your windows. We will do this when we arrive, but do what you can to protect your things while you wait for us to get there.

SERVPRO® of Rapid City works directly with your insurance company to ensure the claims process is completed correctly, and we can even discuss alternative locations for you to stay if your restoration is significant enough to need to displace you for a few days.

We know that suffering home damage can be really stressful in the summer season, but we are here to help make your recovery as smooth as possible. Call us day or night for a complete restoration.

If a storm leaves your home damaged, contact us for fast recovery. We’re here 247 when you need us.

Top Tips for Protecting Your Home From Heavy Rain | SERVPRO of Rapid City

9/18/2023 (Permalink)

image of a large body of water during a rain storm with ripples caused by the heavy downpour Water damage in your home? Not for long with SERVPRO of Rapid City on the case!

We can all appreciate a soft and gentle rainfall during the hot summer months, especially when it has been dry and humid for the majority of the season. Our plants and lawns certainly appreciate it, too!

However, some rainstorms aren’t all that pleasant and can actually cause serious damage to our homes and properties. When rain starts to fall in heavy sheets, it can force its way into our homes and leak down our walls.

Our SERVPRO® of Rapid City team wants you to avoid water damage as much as possible, so we offer some tips below to avoid water damage when the rain starts to fall.

The Dangers of Intense Rain

If the rain falls fast enough, it can easily overwhelm our roads and drainage areas. We have already had our fair share of flood watches and warnings over the course of this season! Rain in the Rapid City area often precedes rumbling thunder, high winds and the occasional hail situation. If it turns into a flash flood, the fast-moving water can sweep away cars, lawn equipment and other yard debris with ease.

While we know that Mother Nature is not predictable, preparing for the possibility of storms now can help you jump into action quicker when they do appear. Keep a close eye on the local forecast and start to make plans as soon as a flash flood warning is issued or an intense rain is predicted.

Playing It Safe

Getting your home and family ready for severe weather should always be your first goal. If you are out and about when the warning is issued, head home on reliable roads and avoid any routes that often flood or become hazardous when it rains. Tidy up your yard and pull as much as you can into your garage or home to protect your belongings from being swept away. You should also tie down anything large that can’t come inside, like lawn furniture and propane tanks.

If your home is prone to flooding, it can be helpful to move anything fragile or soft out of the lowest level of your home and consider shutting off the electricity to that space for the time-being. If water does start to flow in, stay calm and avoid walking through it. Pick up the phone and call us as soon as the water stops rushing in.

Steps to Take Afterward

Even if you do your best to avoid water damage, it can still happen at any time. Each time is a learning opportunity, however!

If you know that your basement often floods during storms, consider getting your property professionally graded. Moving earth around strategically can help water flow down and away from your home instead of backward into your foundation.

Another reliable investment is a sump pump for your basement. A sump pump kicks on when it detects excess water in the ground and it works to pull that water away from your home and pump it back up to the surface.

Keep in mind that water damage may be frustrating, but it can be fixed! Our water damage restoration team will dry up any standing water and repair anything that was damaged quickly and efficiently.

We are here for all of your water disasters. Contact us day or night for a quick recovery.

Staying Safe During Fall Bonfire Season | SERVPRO of Rapid City

9/18/2023 (Permalink)

campfire-style fire pit with flames emerging from the top of the logs on the dark green grass Bonfire season is upon us! SERVPRO of Rapid City has your back with these helpful fire safety tips.

The fall season is upon us once more, and we sure aren’t complaining. Who doesn’t love the crinkling leaves, the beautiful colors and the cooler weather? We also love the coziness that a fall bonfire brings to the season.

Fall bonfires may be relaxing and offer warmth when the sun goes down, but they can still be dangerous if they are not treated with respect.

Our SERVPRO® of Rapid City team explains more about outdoor fire safety during this time of year so everyone can stay safe and enjoy the flames in peace.

Starting a Fire Safely

Do make sure your location is secure before even lighting the flames. Most permanent bonfire pits can’t be easily moved, but you can still make sure any brush or log piles are far away from the pit.

Do keep a water source close by for emergencies. A garden hose or a bucket full of water can easily be used if your fire gets too large or out of hand. If you are camping or don’t have easy access to water, keep a shovel nearby so you can shovel dirt or sand onto the flames to extinguish them that way.

Do watch for any burn bans or changing weather conditions. Windy days or dry conditions can make it riskier to start an outdoor fire, so check with local authorities before getting out your matches.

Tips for Controlling the Flames

Don’t rely on any sort of accelerant to keep your flames going. Only use lighters, matches and tinder to light and maintain your fire. Gas and lighter fluid are unpredictable and can start an out-of-control blaze in seconds.

Don’t let kids or pets anywhere near the flames unattended. Accidents happen quickly and curious kids can lead to serious situations in seconds.

Don’t let your fire grow too large. It can be easy to just toss leaves, twigs and logs on the fire whenever you want, but a large fire is harder to control. Keep it small to keep it safe.

Don’t go inside until you are sure your flames and embers are completely extinguished. Pour your bucket over the flames or hose them down until they are out and the logs are cold to the touch.

Wildfire Safety Tips

Wildfires can happen naturally if the ground is dry and the conditions are right, but most wildfires are actually started by humans due to error or negligence. Maintain your fire by keeping it small and staying close to the flames.

While you can prepare and prevent as much as possible, unexpected situations can occur and fire damage can happen. Call SERVPRO for an immediate fire damage restoration.

Fire can cause a lot of damage in a short amount of time. Contact us day or night for immediate assistance.

Addressing Water Damage Quickly | SERVPRO of Rapid City

8/15/2023 (Permalink)

Pool of water sitting on top of a herringbone patterned wood floor with furniture nearby If you discover water damage in your home or business, call SERVPRO of Rapid City right away.

Take a moment to think about all of the ways that you use and rely on water around your household. It definitely is a huge part of your day and oftentimes you don’t even think twice about it!

That daily use also means that there is the chance of experiencing water damage all over your home. A flooded basement due to a broken water heater or a soft wall caused by a broken bathroom water line can be really frustrating and cause extensive damages.

Of course, Mother Nature also contributes to the risk of water damage. A heavy rain could cause standing water to pool in your basement or a tree could fall and damage your roof, causing a significant water leak. At this point in the year in Rapid City, strong storms could pop up at any moment.

Preventing water damage altogether is always the goal, but that is not necessarily possible for every situation. Our SERVPRO® of Rapid City team explains more about how to handle water damage and how we can help after the fact.

Stopping the Flow of Water

Time is of the essence when it comes to water damage. This is because water is notorious for leaking and seeping through spaces rather quickly. Water can get under your floorboards and behind your walls minutes after the leak began.

Find the source of the leak quickly and do whatever is needed to stop the flow of water. If the water leak is due to a broken pipe or connection, shut off the water valve that controls that specific pipe. If the leak is caused by roof damage during a storm, you may just have to set a bucket out to catch the water until the storm ends and you can evaluate the situation.

Remember, if you come upon standing water in your home, try not to walk through it. Electrical wires and electricity throughout your house could have made the water dangerous to walk through.

Once the water has been controlled in some capacity, pick up the phone and give us a call. We are here 247 to respond to calls exactly like this, and we will take control right away.

Our Water Damage Restoration Process

Our team will jump into action during our first phone call with you. The first few steps involve a discussion about the situation, your home and the specific leak. While we are chatting, snap a few photos of the damage. Having images of the initial impact of the water will help make your claims process much smoother.

We get right to work when we arrive at your home by pulling out our industry-leading drying equipment and setting up air movers to start drying up the excess water. We also focus our attention on saving your possessions from further damage. Once your space is dry, we will sanitize and deodorize to make sure your home is returned to its preloss condition.

Now that the water is gone, the reconstruction phase can begin! We are trained to handle whatever reconstruction needs you have, whether it be minor repairs to a few floorboards or entire rebuilds of rooms or sections of your home.

We know all about the destructive power of water, so that’s why we want you to call us as soon as you discover or come upon a water disaster at your home. SERVPRO of Rapid City is here for you whenever you need us to dry out and repair your home!

Do you have water damage in your home? Call us for fast and complete restoration.

Firing Up Your Barbecue Grill Without Starting a House Fire | SERVPRO of Rapid City

8/10/2023 (Permalink)

Man holding tongs above grill preparing food outdoors Have you had a barbeque gone wrong? Call SERVPRO of Rapid City to get your space back in shape.

We are in the heart of the summer season here in Rapid City, and we sure are enjoying it. The summer season is special in the Midwest with all of the sunny days, warm breezes and time spent outside with family and friends.

Who doesn’t love digging out their aprons and grill brushes to kickstart a backyard barbecue with hot dogs and burgers? While grilling may be a summertime favorite, grill fires are also at their peak at this point in the year.

Improper use of a charcoal or propane grill can quickly lead to a dangerous fire situation. Our SERVPRO® of Rapid City team wants you to enjoy your grilled food in a safe environment, so read on to learn more about reducing your risk of a fire.

Setting Up Your Workspace

As you dig out your grills from the garage or under the deck, be sure to set them up outside. While it may seem obvious that grills don’t belong in your kitchen, that also includes keeping them out of your garage or under an overhang. Your grill needs to properly vent and anything combustible above the heat and flames could easily catch on fire.

It should also be far away from your house and siding. Try to keep it at least 10 feet away from anything combustible, like your garage wall or wooden railing along your deck. This area should also be considered a kid-free and pet-free zone and that should be communicated to everyone in your party.

If your grilling method of choice is a charcoal grill, clean out ash buildup before each use and check the drum for dents or cracks. If you prefer propane grills, check the gas line for leaks and make sure each end has a secure connection. A leaky line on a propane tank is a huge safety hazard and could put everyone on your guest list in danger.

Controlling the Grill

Once your grill is warm and ready for your meal, don’t leave it unattended for any reason, and keep a water source nearby just in case of an emergency. A spray bottle can help knock down any quick flare-ups when grease drips and your hose or fire extinguisher should be on standby.

Once your food is crispy, delicious and done, hand off the plate to someone to serve so you can focus on shutting everything down properly. Turn off the gas and shut off your burners, or close the vents on the lid of your charcoal grill to stop the flow of oxygen to the flames. Once the ash and embers have cooled, move them to a metal can to prevent anything from reigniting. Before you head inside for the evening, check on your grill once more to make sure everything is cool to the touch.

We hope you have a fabulous rest of your summer season! Remember that SERVPRO of Rapid City is always here in case any sort of fire accident occurs and you are left with home damage.

Don’t let fire damage linger in your home. Call us at SERVPRO of Rapid City for a fast restoration.